Mie Ayam = Indonesian's Spaghetti

If Italian people has food that consist of noodles, meatballs, and tomato sauce which known as 'Spaghetti', Indonesian's people also has resemble food that made from noodles with slice of chicken as its topping and various vegetables. Yes, we called it : 'Mie Ayam', a food that has suitable taste for our tongue. Now, we will talk about things that related with mie ayam start with price,, the toppings of mie ayam, the important ingredients which is noodles, and of course the taste.

Mie ayam become favorite food in society. With cheap price and delicious taste makes mie ayam become food that people always searching for. The price of mie ayam approximately from the cheapest : Rp 6.000,- until expensive price : Rp 20.000,-, so its different depend on each seller. Now, many trader sell this food. In one region only, may exist tens mie ayam's seller. For example, Mr Yanto and Mr Mul are sellers of mie ayam in Kalibening village. Their place are near to each other. In Mr Yanto's place, his mie ayam's price is Rp 6.000,-. But, if we buy a mie ayam in Mr Mul's stall it will cost Rp 7.000,-. Of course different price also influence to the buyer.

Now, we move to next topic that is the topping of mie ayam. besides slices of chicken that become patent topping in this food, there are many new toppings that added to this food in order to make mie ayam more interesting and more delicious. The various toppings are meatballs, vegetables such as mustard greens, cuts of green onion, pickles, and so on. Mie ayam also completed with soysauce and tomato sauce. Back to compare mie ayam on Mr Yanto and Mr Mul's place. Although with cheapest price than Mr Mul, mie ayam in Mr Yanto is completely enough because there is various toppings. On contrary, in Mr Mul's stall, his mie ayam only has slice of chicken as its topping. 

The last but no least, of course is the taste. If mie ayam has more delicious taste although with expensive price, it doesn't matter for many people. Good taste supported with tough noodles, moreover with thick broth certainly become favorites all people. Each seller has uniqueness taste. The taste of mie ayam in Mr Mul's stall is more salty and thick, in Mr Yanto's place his mie ayam taste more sweet and the broth is more thin. Based on observation although each seller has different taste (and price) the customers of both seller are equal. Sometimes, it seems that many customers are come to Mr Yanto's stall in the afternoon and in the evening other customers choose to buy mie ayam in Mr Mul's place.

For the conclusion, mie ayam is one of favorite food for Indonesian people. Besides delicious taste, mie ayam also has cheap price so it can be achievable for all circles. We must proud of it because only in Indonesia we can find special taste of mie ayam. May in the future can appear new innovations of mie ayam with new toppings, new display but still keep the original taste of Indonesian's mie ayam. It will be the pride if Indonesian's food can be recognized by other nations, not only its cultural heritages. 

by : Ati Saidatul Ula